Honda CRX Electric Vehicle

In September of 1998 my brother and I completed converting a 1987 Honda CRX to electric power. I used it until I had killed the batteries in November of 1999.
I then upgraded it a bit, it got new batteries, a new controller, a new charger and a new DC-DC converter.

Unfortunately, I never really finished the project and and just started driving the car without completing everything.  Then the coolant pump for the controller died and that prompted me to take things apart to hopefully finally finish everything up.  That was some time around 2003.  Then my son was born and the car sat for quite a while untouched.

Now I’m in the process of making some more upgrades.  I’m installing a new controller (A cafe electric Zilla 2k), a new transmission (from an Acura Integra) and some new batteries.

I’m holding off on making a battery decision since things seem to be progressing pretty rapidly with batteries these days so hopefully I’ll be able to get some pretty good batteries by the time I have the motor installed.

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