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Huge Worm

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

I have a HUGE worm in my tank. We first saw it in October of 2006. We hadn’t seen it in forever so we thought maybe it died. We weren’t really disappointed since it is one of the more nightmare inducing animals around.

Well, a couple of days ago we saw it again and again the next night (in the same area). I decided to try to catch it.

I made a simple trap out of a yogurt container by cutting a small X in the lid and bending it in a little. The hope is that it will go through the X but then have trouble getting back out. That’s the theory at least. I baited the trap with some chopped up shrimp.

Not long after the lights went off we noticed the worm out and about. It was actually going after my brittle star. It had one of the brittle star’s legs in its pincers (or whatever the mouth parts are called). We haven’t seen it over by the trap yet. It does seem to be much bolder tonight. It might be the smell of the shrimp in the tank.

Anyway, I took a video of it and put it on YouTube: